• Thousands of families were displaced as hundreds of armed men allegedly belonging to Maute group attacked Marawi City and surrounding towns of Lanao del Sur province, starting May 16, 2017.

    As a result, thousands of families fled the city for Iligan City, about 53 kilometers away. The evacuees first took shelter in houses of their relatives but soon many others settled in evacuation areas like the MSU-IIT campus, and elementary schools. Presently, streams of evacuees are still pouring into Iligan. The government has set-up reception areas in these schools and has started rationing emergency food.

    PHILRADS is organizing a relief operation for Marawi evacuees and tapping the partnership of Ministerial groups for the planned assistance. Iligan City churches are also mobilizing and started gathering dry food/relief goods for distribution.


    This particular project aims to provide food and other relief assistance to 300 families (about 1,500 persons) presently staying as internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Iligan City (MSU-IIT campus and Boroon Elementary School. They are mostly Maranao families from Marawi City, although about 200 individuals are students, faculty members and workers of MSU and Dansalan College (both in Marawi City) which fled together with the Marawi residents. The relief coverage may be expanded as more evacuees are arriving in Iligan. The relief items to be provided are food and water (drinking water, rice, sardines, odong, chocolate powder and biscuits, and wash items (bath soap, detergent and small basin).

Immediate Prayer Concern

PhilRaDS is planning to have its 2nd wave of Relief distributions and PsychoSocial intervention to Internally Displaced persons in the nearby communities of Marawi. Please pray for provisions for this mission of helping the needy.



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